Common Misconceptions About Solar Hot Water Panels

Common Misconceptions About Solar Hot Water Panels

There is much confusion about the differences between solar water heater arrays and those used to create electricity. Many people think that the panels of the water heaters are photovoltaic, or meant for generating electricity. None of the heaters functions in this manner. Solar water heaters use the energy of the sun to heat water. Electric water heaters using photovaltic electricity to heat water would need a very large array of photovaltic panels for heating water. Alternatively, solar water heaters work by gathering and concentrating the warmth of the sun, a more effective way of heating water.

Designs for a solar water heater’s collection panels differ in terms of sophistication, however the characteristic one is pretty straightforward: a glass-paneled, insulated box on a black backing. One more design is the evacuated tube panel, that utilizes multiple layered water pipes instead of the glass panel. which uses several layered water pipes in place of the glass panel. For the construction, the pipes located on the outside contain a glass absorber that is coated and takes the place of a glass panel on the outside while the water that has to be heated is contained within the inner pipe. This design has the benefits of not getting influenced by outside air temperature to a great extent. You might consider altering your design by adding a parabolic mirror to your collecting units.

A few solar water heaters utilize convection technique in order to move water from the tank to the heater and into the house. Others include a little electrically powered pump, although in these cases the power needs to come from a wall socket in the building as opposed to being generated by a photovoltaic panel. The subsequent most vital componant after the solar panels is the water tank. Most of the time it is strongly insulated thus they are often kept outside and next to the solar heating panels.


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